Address Change Postcard

Address Change Postcard
Congrats on another successful transaction! You'll look like a pro when you show up to a closing with this personalized, "We've Moved" postcard which you can hand to your clients. Now they can let all their friends and family know their new address.

Important note: You will need a digital photo of your clients or their new home to make this postcard

Getting Started

This postcard is intended to be a gift first, and a marketing piece second. With that said, you will need a photo of your clients and/or their new home in order to complete this postcard. Also, you will need their new address on file.

Postcard Photo's

For the greatest impact, use a digital photo of your clients in front of their new home instead of using a photo of the property. We recommend scheduling a date and time with your clients to take this photo, final walk through is a great time to do this.

Postcard's Message

Since this postcard will be sent from your clients to their friends and family, the message is intended to be "from them". It's a simple message letting their contacts know they have moved. There is also a section where "they" give you credit for building the postcard. It reads as such:

This postcard was provided by our Realtor, (Your Name). Give (Him/Her) a call at (#) when you need a real estate professional.

Finishing Touches

This postcard will be printed on both sides of heavy, postcard-style stock paper. It will then be trimmed to a standard 4" x 6" postcard size.

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