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Art of Texting a Lead

Lead conversion is not a one night stand. Make the most out of every incoming lead by mastering the art of texting them. »Get the scripts here!

How to have a MEGA Open House

Don't just host an average open house, host a MEGA one. Get the most out of your efforts by using the formula highlighted in this info graphic! »Download the info graphic here

Seller Inquiry Response by Text

Unsure about what to say when a seller lead comes through from a promotional piece you sent? Here's an example of what to say via text to initiate the conversation. »Learn more here!

Expired Listings: Mixed Social Media and Direct Mail for Max Results

Get the MAX results possible when marketing to expired listings by using both social media and direct mail to connect with them. »Learn more here!

10.7 Things to Market Your Listing

Tristan Ahumada, Co-Founder of LCA, outlines 10.7 marketing ideas that will make you a rock star listing agent & have your sellers referring you to their sphere. »Download here