Seller Inquiry Response by Text

Unsure about what to say when a seller lead comes through from a promotional piece you sent? Here is an example of what I am doing, how I handled the incoming lead, and the type of conversation style I have been testing out in attempts to make it feel more "real".

I've been Mailing to a farm now for almost 2 months and I also mail just listed and just sold postcards. This lead came through from a just listed postcard I sent out.

The lead only came with an email address and a property address. I immediately iMessaged the email and purposefully had bad grammar on my text, see how I used "into about".

Have been testing this out because it makes the text feel more "real" and less of an "automated" feel to it. It's just a test so far.

*Below is an example of a conversation I had via text with a seller inquiry.

Click to view larger and download.

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