The Art of Open Ended Questioning

As a real estate professional you are in constant communication with either a lead, prospect, or client. Understanding how you can earn their commitment and meet their needs can only be done by asking the right questions. To truly gain insights into the minds of your potential or current clients, mastering the art of open ended questions is a must.

Open ended questions are those to which an answer must be more than “Yes” or “No”. They require the respondent to share their thoughts or perceptions in a meaningful way. As an agent asking your client, “Did you like this property?”, is not going result in a high-valued response.

A good way to become better at asking open ended questions is to pay attention to the way you are currently structuring your questions to others. If you find they are not open ended, challenge yourself to follow up with one. Also, consider adding the statements, “What are” and “How do you feel” before questions directed to your clients. While questioning a lead try using the statements, “Please tell me” or “Why are” at the begging to get the most out of their responses.

Here are three additional examples of where asking open ended questions will result in receiving high valued responses:

  • Example: When someone calls to inquire about the price of a home you may want to say, "I'd be happy to look that up for you, while I do that do you mind if I ask you what attracted you to that home in particular?"
  • Example: When you're calling for sale by owners you may want to say, "I was just wondering how do you feel the process of selling your home has been going?"
  • Example: When you are holding an open house or working with any buyer for that matter consider asking, "What are the most important features and factors in your home search process?"

Using open ended question is a sure fire way to impress your leads and prospects, and show your current clients that you are genuinely interested in their overall happiness. Although not every question is meant to be open ended, implementing them when they are appropriate is a great way to enhance your level of service and overall client satisfaction.