Real estate newsletter templates

Real estate newsletters are an invaluable marketing tool. We've put together a free template for real estate newsletters for your use.

Real Estate Advisor Newsletter Template: Volume 4, Issue 3

This newsletter template can be ready for printing and mailing in a snap. All content areas are already filled with photos and stories, so all you need to add is your contact information.

Hometalk Newsletter Template: Volume 4, Issue 3

The latest Hometalk template features stories about home design trends and inspecting your ceilings, and also gives you the freedom to create your own content.

This month's newsletter stories (text only)

Even if you're designing your own newsletter you can still use's monthly newsletter stories. The complete text for each issue is available here to copy and paste.

Newsletter archive

Back issues of our newsletter templates can be found here.

News & Views Newsletter Template

The News & Views template gives you complete control of your newsletter's content. You can write your own stories to fill out the newsletter, or you can use the stories we provide.