Real estate postcards

From "just listed" to "open house invites," real estate postcards are great tools for real estate agents. Enjoy our collection of free real estate post card templates below.

Let your clients know you appreciate their business by creating an Address Change postcard for them, then providing it to them after close so they can easily let their friends and family know they have moved!

Customize this stylish real estate open house invitation with your personal branding and company information.

FSBOs don't know what they are missing when they decided to list without an agent. Show them what you can do for them by using this modern, eye-catching FSBO postcard.

Do you have a client looking for a property in a specific neighborhood? If so, use this "Magic" Postcard to contact surrounding homeowners who could possibly be considering a move.

This bright, eye-catching postcard lets potential clients know that you've got the chops to sell their home.

Renters are like an untouched gold mine. There are few agents who market to them however, there are plenty of renters who want to become homeowners. Use this postcard to connect with renters in your area.

Looking for more buyers? Try sending this postcard to rentals in your area. It lists financial and practical advantages of owning a home compared to renting.

Add this Just Listed Team Postcard with Co-Branding to your listing marketing mix to increase the properties exposure while doing a little seamless self promo!

Sleek, contemporary, and perfect for getting the word out. Use this Just Listed postcard to let the surrounding neighbors know about your client's newly listed property, while also promoting You, Inc.

Use this stylish postcard to market your high-end listings. There are five slots for photos, as well as ample space to add personalized headlines and descriptions.

Just won a listing? Getting into the HUD game? Customize this postcard with a property photo, a personal photo, and a personalized greeting to prospective buyers.

When you know you're a bad ass agent, show potential prospects by using this sleek, modern Recent Sales postcard.

Prospect for new listings in a neighborhood where you recently sold a home by using this Just Sold Postcard. With word of mouth and a little self promo, you'll have a new listing in no time!

Sold a home in a neighborhood where you would like to list another? Highlight your teams success by sending this Team Just Sold Postcard with Co-Branding to surrounding homeowners.

After a closed transaction, send this postcard to other homeowners in the area.

Send this eye-catching "Looking to Downsize" postcard to empty nesters or anyone who may be considering a move into a smaller property.