Real estate letters

The Magic Letter

If you have a buyer looking for a home in a specific area, send this letter to homeowners to generate new leads.

Expired Listing Letter Template

Send this letter to potential sellers whose listings have expired and may still want to sell their homes.

Low Inventory Prospecting Letter

This letter can be a useful tool to prospect for new listings in areas where the market is heating up but inventory is limited.

Buyer Under Contract Letter Template

Use this letter to connect with buyers who are under contract and ask for referrals in a polite, tactful manner.

Withdrawn Listing Letter Template

Send this letter to potential sellers who recently put a home on the market and were unable to find a buyer.

Out Of State Seller Letter Template

Many investors have been waiting for the market to improve before listing their out-of-state properties. Use this letter to give them an invitation to list it with you.

For Sale By Owner Letter Template

Don't be like the common agent. Take a different approach to your For Sale By Owner prospecting with this progressive, informative letter template.

New Agent Letter

Are you new in the real estate business? Here is a letter that will let your contacts know you can help them with all of their real estate needs. This letter is unique because it promotes your services without making you sound like a rookie.