Welcome to the resource center!

This is your complete guide to Breakthrough Broker and Agent Engage. The resources on this page reinforce the four pillars of the Agent Engage marketing system listed here:

  • The Branded Website - Be seen on every page of Breakthrough Broker.

  • Top of Mind Marketing - Our email campaigns take agents back to your branded site.

  • High Quality Resources - The content and tools offered on Breakthrough Broker are top notch.

  • The Reason to Call - With the weekly reporting you always have a reason to call.

Your success is paramount to us! Use the resources below as a way to leverage Breakthrough Broker and the power of Agent Engage to drive more business and increase your market share.

The Action Item PDF has what you need to get started with Agent Engage. This live PDF links to items you can use to educate agents about Breakthrough Broker and increase your knowledge about Agent Engage.

For best practice download the Action Item PDF and save it to your computer. Reference this PDF for Agent Engage scripts and dialogues, promotional material, and educational videos via the live links within the PDF.

Download the Agent Engage Action Items here!

Agent Engage Scripts and Dialogue

Ever wonder what to say to your agents to get them using Breakthrough Broker? Here are some scripts and dialogues you can use to increase agent engagement. »Download the scripts here!

Video Library

Need additional support learning how to leverage Agent Engage and Breakthrough Broker? Check out these informational videos for tips, tricks, and how to make this work for you! » Watch videos here

Informational Documents

Learn about all things Breakthrough Broker and Agent Engage using these resources. In addition to tools for you, there are information documents for your agent contacts. » Download them here

Top Items on Breakthrough Broker

Your agents will appreciate these items on Breakthrough Broker! Use them as a conversation stater or share them in an email. » Learn more!