Breakthrough Broker Recommend Forms

Use these documents to recommend agents to the website. You can use this at an event or a meeting where you'd like to get a large number of agent attendees set up all at once.

For best practice, print the document title Sign Up Sheet to use at the event. After the event, download THIS EXCEL SPREADSHEET and transfer the agents information you received via the Sign Up Sheet into that excel spreadsheet. Save the document and title it your first and last name. Once this is completed, email your document to and we will upload your list to the system.

For assistance please call 303-780-4956.


Sign Up Form - Print this document to use at the event or meeting to get agents information.

Download the Sign Up Form Here

Excel Spreadsheet - Download this file and transfer the agents information from the form above. Save this file and title it with your first and last name. Send this file to and we will complete your upload.

Download the Excel Spreadsheet Here