Expert interviews

We have interviewed the experts in real estate-related fields, including power agents, policemen, attorneys, and more. Take advantage of their knowledge to become a power agent in your own right.

Expert Interview with Travis Saxton: Online Lead Generation

Check out this expert interview from Travis Saxton covering which technology a new agent should use as an initial lead generation tool.

Expert Interview: HUD listings

AMRE's Sue Dolquist discusses the basics of listing HUD homes and explains why they can also provide opportunities for listing agents

Expert Interview: Preparing for interviews and winning listings

In our latest video we speak with Katie Essman, who works in the professional staffing field as a Branch Manager for Robert Half International. We talk with Katie about interview preparation and techniques, and about standing out from the competition.

Expert Interview archive

Access our entire history of video interviews with industry experts.

Expert Interview: Help your clients be more energy efficient

In this interview we chatted with James Mitchell about how buyers and sellers can benefit from a more "green" approach to their homes.

Multiple offers: Strategies for winning

This video class offers a few suggestions for how to handle situations with multiple offers, both from the buyer and listing side.

Be Proud to Be a Real Estate Professional

In part one of a new eight-part series, top-producing agent and renowned trainer Dave Werner reminds us that real estate professionals provide a valuable service and should be proud of their profession

The Power of Relational Capital

In part two of an eight-part series, Dave Werner explains the concept of relational capital and gives some suggestions on how to build more of it.

Doubling Your Net

In part 3 of our 8 in 8 video series, Dave Werner explains that doubling your income doesn't have to mean doubling your work load.

Time: Your Secret Weapon

In Part 4 of our 8 in 8 video series, Dave Werner explains how a few simple changes to your daily routine could drastically increase your productivity and your quality of life.

The "Not To Do" List

Real estate agents are bombarded with advice about the things they should do. In part 7 of our 8 In 8 Video Series, Dave Werner discusses the things you should NEVER do.

What do top producers do?

In Part 5 of our 8 in 8 video series, Dave Werner talks about what we can learn from the top producers in the real estate business.

Are you the CEO of your real estate business?

In Part 6 of our 8 in 8 video series, Dave Werner discusses the impact that sales and marketing have on your business as a whole.

Finding opportunities in the market

In the final segment of our 8 in 8 video series, Dave Werner discusses ways you can streamline your business by working smarter, not necessarily harder.

What are Cap Rate and Net Operating Income?

In this expert interview we discuss CAP Rate (Capitalization Rate) and NOI (Net Operating Income) as it relates to residential investment property. We examine the benefits of owning investment property as well as the factors to consider before buying.

Expert Interview: Profit From Your Personality

Do you have the perfect personality for selling real estate? Maybe you've asked yourself if this business is right for you? We met with top coach and trainer Bruce Gardner to get his opinion on what makes a successful agent.

Expert Interview: How to get more listings

Listings are an essential part of a successful real estate career. We met with Bruce Gardner and he shares some of his strategies for getting more listings.

Expert Interview: Technology and Success in Real Estate

This week we visit with top trainer and coach Bruce Gardner. Bruce shares his insights about the relationship between technology and success in real estate. You might be surprised by what you learn in this expert interview.