Prospecting Best Practices

Need new ideas for overcoming objections and vetting new contacts? Check out some of Breakthrough Broker's best practices for prospecting.

Have you ever sat down to write a follow-up note and simply couldn't get the words out? For a creative spark, check out these examples of the perfect follow-up note.

Going door to door can be hard when you're not sure what to say. Ease the process by using these marketing and prospecting ideas!

Hosting an open house? Here are 25 creative things you can do to stand out from your competition and make the experience memorable for both your clients and potential leads.

Jessica Peterson of the Customer WOW Project discusses the value of staying in touch with former clients. Build a lasting relationship, rather than drifting away!

Want to make make high-impact connections with 780 people in a year by investing only 10 minutes a day? It's possible with handwritten notes and greeting cards.

It's been said that only 3% of American's actually take the time each year to write down their goals. Sure, some people “think" about them, share a “New Year's Resolution" or two on January 1st, or “conside...

Listings are the fuel for your real estate engine. Listings generate new business through buyer inquires, give you a marketing leverage point, and typically require fewer hours to manage than buyers. But...

Get the most out of hosting an open house by including these ideas and tools into your marketing strategy!

Looking for a new way to prospect for leads but feel like you've tried everything in the book? Here are 107 powerful prospecting activities that are sure to get the ball rolling.

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