Email Marketing powered by Breakthrough Broker

You're a pro at selling real estate. You can read your clients like a book and they love what you do for them. You're a master negotiator and you know how to close a deal.

When it comes to building an automated, professionally designed, and well written email campaign you are not quite as knowledgeable.

That's where we come in. New from Breakthrough Broker, email marketing services for real estate agents. We will build a professional campaign branded with your contact information, photo, and logos. These emails will be sent once a month to your contacts and will contain professionally written stories in a newsletter style.

You're great at what you do, let us be great at what we do!

Here's how it works

  1. Choose the plan below depending on the number of contacts you have
  2. Go through the checkout process
  3. We'll contact you immediately to gather all the information we need to build your email campaign
  4. We send you a template to proof
  5. Once approved your contacts will receive a monthly email from you, keeping you top of mind and looking great


  • Custom email header created for you by our designers
  • Professionally written stories and stock photography used in each email

Below is a sample of the email template design.

Email Marketing Pricing

0-99 Contacts 
$29.00 per month/$25 set up fee
Get started with select 

100-299 Contacts 
$59.00 per month/$25 set up fee
Get started with premier

300-599 Contacts 
$89.00 per month/$25 set up fee
Get started with elite

ONE TIME BLAST (Good for listing announcements, special events, broker-to-broker promotions)
Up to 699 Contacts  $99.00 per email blast/$25 set up fee*
Get started on my one time email blast