Sale tips and techniques

Sales is the name of the game when it comes to having a career as a real estate agent. Enhance your skills and close more sales by adding these tips and tricks to your sales strategy.

Need a little help with your sale strategy? Here are 10 habits you can adopt to become a better salesperson.

Does your follow up game need a little improvement? Here are five things you can do/add to your follow up strategy to help turn more leads into active clients.

Is your lead to client conversation rate low? Maybe it's all in the way you are delivering your message. Here is a list of sales words that can help you seal more deals!

Objections will occur when working with all types of clients. How you overcome them is the challenge. Practice overcoming objection by using the scripts and ideas shared in this article.

Why you? Knowing the answer to this, and these 5 questions, will help you to establish an undeniable value proposition potential clients will not be able to ignore.