Real Estate Advisor Newsletter Template: Volume 2, Issue 3

Template overview

The Real Estate Advisor template is our simplest template to create. It features three stories and their accompanying art/photos (if applicable). You can customize the newsletter by adding your personal photo, a company logo, and your contact information.

If you want to build a newsletter with more customization options—including writing your own stories or adding an "About me" section—check out the Hometalk or News & Views newsletter template.

Download and delivery options

After you've completed your newsletter, click the "Continue to Delivery/Download options" button. After confirming your proof, you can choose to either download a free PDF of your newsletter or purchase prints for shipping or mailing lists.

Click here for an overview of our free eDelivery feature.

Shipping options start at $30 for 25 copies. Mailing list options are also available.

Text-only versions of this month's stories
Hometalk newsletter template
News & Views newsletter template
Newsletter back issues

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