Now more than ever, it's crucial to stay in front of your Realtors and continue to provide value every single day. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this while we are all working from our homes is to connect via social media.

Below are ten social media posts you can share on Facebook or Instagram over the next few weeks! Each content piece is designed to help your agents stay productive and work on their businesses during this time so they come out ahead when we get back to business as usual.

To download the photos below for your posts, simply right click on your mouse and select Save Image As or click the Download Image button. If you are viewing these images on a desktop and would like to send them to your phone, attach your downloaded photos to an email and send it to yourself. Open the email on your phone then download the attachments and save them.

Pro tip! We recommend steering clear of sharing the link to the content piece in your Facebook or Instagram post. Instead, include the image of the item and a call to action to reach out to you via chat or direct message to get the link. This opens the line of communication and you can send them the link plus offer your help and support.

Marketing Action Plan

A goal without a plan is only a dream! This Realtor marketing action plan will lay out EXACTLY what you need to be doing to make the money you want to make. I hope it helps!

Link: Marketing Action Plan

Kids Coloring Sheet

Why are you doing open houses? Hopefully to get buyer leads. Stand out from the rest and give families out “open housing” this fun activity sheet, branded for you. I hope their kids enjoy it!

Link: Open House Activity Sheet

Happy Birthday Posts

Stay top of mind with past clients and friends with these customizable happy birthday messages. Send them via direct message, post on their wall, or download and send in the body of an email.

Link: Happy Birthday Posts

20 Reasons to Hire Me to Sell Your Home Infographic

Stand out in a noisy, crowded market. This infographic is perfect for your listing presentation, social pages, and website content. I hope you love it!

Link: 20 Reasons to Hire Me Infographic

We're Selling Our Home Sharable

Marketing idea! Customize this, download as a PNG file, send it to your sellers, and ask them to post it to their Facebook and Instagram. Such a great way to market yourself to your clients’ friends and family.

Link: We're Selling Our Home Sharable

Open House Instagram Post

Don’t forget to market your open houses on Instagram! We found a great, customizable social post for your next open house.

Link: Open House Instagram Post

Buyer Presentation

Most agents have a great listing presentation, but do you have a great BUYER PRESENTATION? In these times, setting buyer expectations is critical. I found this great buyer presentation template, available in several colors. I hope it helps!

Link: Buyer Presentation

Referral Playbook

Real estate success is often found the old fashioned way, by getting referrals from people who know and trust you. But with so many new lead generating ideas and tech out there, we sometimes lose sight of the tried and true practices. Check out this great referral playbook!

Link: Referral Playbook

The Best To-Do List

Time is money, right? We found an old fashioned to-do list, just for Realtors. We hope this helps you stay focused!

Link: The Best To-Do List

Branding Workbook for Realtors

Working on your branding can be a daunting task. We found a workbook that can help you though the process!

Link: Branding Workbook for Realtors