Abstract Flyer

Abstract Listing Flyer
Drawing attention and keeping it is what this listing flyer is good for. Use it to your advantage by promoting your new listing with it. Fresh in design with the option for a custom header, this flyer is perfect for promoting a property and the listing agent.
Real estate flyer

Getting Started

With large photo spaces available, this flyer makes it easy to give potential buyers an inside look into the property. To create this flyer, you will need four property photos, a property description, and your contact and business information.

Property Photos

Highlight the top four features of the home in the photo slots available on the flyer. We recommend using a mix of the interior and exterior shots. Although all photo slots are slanted, the photos will appear as they would in a rectangle photo slot.


Take buyers on a journey by using colorful words to describe the inside and outside of the home in the property description section. Although this flyer provides ample room for a well-written description, it does not have space for a features list.

Finishing touches

When you select to use our printing service, the flyer will be printed on standard 8.5"x 11" paper with a satin finish.