Address Change Postcard

Address Change Postcard
Congrats on another successful transaction! You'll look like a pro when you show up to a closing with this personalized, "We've Moved" postcard which you can hand to your clients. Now they can let all their friends and family know their new address.
Real estate postcard

Important note: You will need a digital photo of your clients or their new home to make this postcard

Getting Started

This postcard is intended to be a gift first, and a marketing piece second. With that said, you will need a photo of your clients and/or their new home in order to complete this postcard. Also, you will need their new address on file.

Postcard Photo's

For the greatest impact, use a digital photo of your clients in front of their new home instead of using a photo of the property. We recommend scheduling a date and time with your clients to take this photo, final walk through is a great time to do this.

Postcard's Message

Since this postcard will be sent from your clients to their friends and family, the message is intended to be "from them". It's a simple message letting their contacts know they have moved. There is also a section where "they" give you credit for building the postcard. It reads as such:

This postcard was provided by our Realtor, (Your Name). Give (Him/Her) a call at (#) when you need a real estate professional.

Finishing Touches

This postcard will be printed on both sides of heavy, postcard-style stock paper. It will then be trimmed to a standard 4.25" x 6" postcard size.

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