Welcome AHS Representatives!

Welcome, American Home Shield Representatives, to your exclusive Breakthrough Broker video library and content section. The videos below were designed to guide you and your agents through the Breakthrough Broker platform and demonstrate how you can use our content to boost your business.

These videos contain our most popular strategies and tips on how to best market yourself. Here's to your success!

Content Overview

This video will equip you with the Breakthrough Broker basics and prepare you to share our site with your agents. Learn how to auto populate information in the Marketing Center, conduct a global site search, and utilize the different portals we have available. Our co-founder Eric Sachs will walk you through each portal and provide you with an in-depth overview of our Trending and Marketing sections.

Set Up, Collateral, and Objections

Learn how to navigate to your dashboard, set up your agents' accounts, and maximize on Breakthrough Broker's features and content. Plus, co-founder Eric Sachs will guide you through setting up agents from the Breakthrough Broker app.

Check out our top items below!

We've compiled the most popular marketing ideas and collateral on Breakthrough Broker below. Check out our suggestions for how to use each piece, then click 'See More' to customize it for yourself.

Trusted Vendor Document

The biggest factor in securing a future referral is excellent customer service. Boost yours by adding value for your clients long after closing by providing them with a list of vendors you trust. Each time they are in need of a professional, they will have you to thank for the trusted referral, and will hopefully return the favor!


The Buyer's Road Map

The Buyer's Road Map is a consumer-facing infographic that is a great handout for open houses or any occasion where you will encounter potential buyers. Traditionally, real estate agents hand out their business cards, but you can gain an edge on the competition by providing helpful information about the home buying process alongside your contact information.


Happy House-Aversary

Past client follow up is one of the biggest failures of the modern real estate agent. All too often the Realtor is caught up in the moment, focusing on current and future clients. By sending past clients a happy House-Aversary card, you are letting them know you fondly remember working with them and you value their friendship and their business. If you want to go the extra mile, include a coffee gift card or movie certificate inside as a little House-Aversary gift.


Listing Management Checklist

Stay organized from the start of the transaction to the end with our Listing Management Checklist. Most agents are looking for resources to help them stay on task, focus on the customer, and accomplish everything related to the sale of a home. Your Realtors will be happy you forwarded this to them. Don’t wait for one of your agents to have a listing! Send this to them right away, letting them know you are ready for their business when it comes time.


6 Reasons to Own a Home Info-graphic

This customizable infographic highlights six key benefits of owning a home. Encourage your Realtors to update this piece with their headshot, company logo, and contact information then use it to spark a conversation with buyer prospects, either in person or on social media.