Newsletter Template for Teams

News and Views Newsletter Template
This newsletter template is a great promotional tool for your team and it provides value past the transaction, keeping you top of mind even when listing or buying isn’t on the mind. The Alluvial Newsletter for Teams is the perfect template to get in front of homeowners when it matters, and with what matters to them.
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Before you get started

Welcome to The Alluvial News & Views Newsletter for Teams! Just a note, this can take up to 30 minutes to create, so it's best to have all your content ready before you start editing. We suggest drafting your content in a Word or Google Document first so you don’t lose your work. You can edit inside the template, but if you navigate away from the creation form without saving, your work will be lost.

Template overview

The Alluvial News & Views Newsletter for Teams template is customizable, so upload a photo at the top right and change the header to whatever fits best. Add a sub-header if needed and change the color to match your brand.

The template has four content sections. The first is best for an article like, “DIY Project Tips and Ideas.” To check out our royalty-free newsletter articles, click HERE.

The second section is a great place to promote a listing. Add a quote on the left, photos of the property, price, and description.

The third section is designed to hold another article. Perhaps you can write about local community events, what’s new in town, top restaurants in the area, etc. There is room to upload another photo, which will be located to the left of the text. There is an option to add a company logo in this section, which will be located under the photo.

The last section is designed to highlight your team and circle back around to the listing shown on the first page. This is the perfect place to add a short bio for your team, plus highlight a unique aspect of the property. Don't forget to add logos, headshots, and contact information for each team member.

Writing your stories

The template is designed to fit all your copy within each designated section, regardless of how many words you type. Once a section is filled with text, the font size will scale down to fit more copy.

Remember, we have options for you! If you'd rather not write your own articles, you can copy and paste the text-only articles from Breakthrough Broker's current newsletters or copy and paste the text-only articles from our newsletter archive. You can also choose from one of our pre-formatted newsletter templates, rather than this fully customizable template.


You can add up to five photos to this newsletter. The photo slots in this template have fixed proportions, so use the crop tool after uploading each to ensure it displays properly.

You can purchase photos for your newsletter from stock image sites, such as iStockPhoto or Shutterstock. There is also a free site called Unsplash available for your use.

Download and delivery options

After you've completed your newsletter, click the "Free Download" button. After reviewing your proof, you can choose to download it as a PDF. You can also purchase prints for shipping or mailing, share to Facebook, or email it to your own contact list or one purchased from us.