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We interviewed Patrick Sciaroni, owner of Mortgage Ready LLC, about the misunderstood subject of credit restoration and how agents can leverage their program to close more deals.

Could you tell us more about what Mortgage Ready does?

Mortgage Ready is a credit repair company who works exclusively within the Real Estate Industry to help customers who need higher mortgage FICOs.

What differentiates Mortgage Ready from other credit restoration companies?

What makes us the best isn’t that we do one or two things right, it’s the culmination of doing hundreds of things right. We understand these scores control and impact the cost of the most expensive purchases of one’s lifetime. Our job is to do everything we can, within legal limits, to raise a customer’s credit score so they can purchase their dream home.

Who are your customers?

We have a range of customers. Jumbo buyers hoping to save $350k by having us remove a late payment in order to increase their score from a 680 to 780 or a Veteran fighting for their family just to reach 620.

What is the customer's first step?

The customer will have a free, full analysis and then be given an “Estimated Pull Date” which is our best, professional estimate of when their score will reach their end goal. They are then placed on a Personalized Optimization Plan where we determine our next move and what to attack. Any negative items on a customer’s credit report including late payments, collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, or bankruptcies can be removed. The trick is how we attack the negatives; this is what makes us the best at what we do. We are confident that a customer who is placed on a Personalized Optimization Plan and follows it, will improve their score within the predicted goal and be one step closer to buying a home.

How does the Realtor or mortgage professional benefit from working with Mortgage Ready?

Working with us benefits them by increasing the Realtor’s bottom line, whether that is over the course of a year or several years. Normally, when a Realtor sends us 10 borrowers who can’t qualify, our average return is 5. From top-producing agents to those just starting out, closing on deals they once thought impossible is a huge gain! Realtors also have an opportunity to become a hero to their clients as they see them through this process.

How would an agent get started with Mortgage Ready?

Agents can sign up for a 30 minute informational overview with us through this Calendly link. We’ll then set up a one-on-one with a credit analyst to understand what works best for the Realtor or mortgage professional. This process is always evolving depending on how the referral source likes to manage clients, leads, and updates.

About Patrick

Patrick A Sciaroni is the founder and managing partner, positioning Mortgage Ready LLC to be the go-to for all credit-related issues in the mortgage industry. A true expert in mortgage credit scoring, he has dedicated his life to developing a transparent program that customers can trust and a team that will go the distance. Patrick continues to be the face of Mortgage Ready, traveling to all 50 states to mentor with and teach mortgage FICO scoring to the leading mortgage and real estate professionals in the country. When not working, Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife and amazing kids. He also loves fishing, mountain biking, road trips, and swimming the local lakes in Colorado.

About Mortgage Ready

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