Expert Interview: Blogging Basics

In this video we catch up with Dee Bundy, who is a real estate agent and a regular blogger. Dee has some great advice on the benefits of blogging and how to get started.

Let's review Dee's key points:

  • Blogging is a great way to get your face in front of potential clients before they walk in your door.
  • Don't be afraid to share some details about yourself. You want readers to get a feel for your personality. Dee says, "You want to be charming."
  • But your blog can't only be about you. Show some expertise about your market. Let readers know that you're an authority on the subject.
  • Don't be a "stutterer" in the blogosphere. You need to blog consistently over time to build an audience. Create a schedule, and be realistic about how often you can blog, but stick to the routine. Blogging won't provide instant results.
  • Edit with extreme prejudice. Get your point across as concisely as possible—don't get too wordy. At the same time, don't write in a style that makes you sound robotic. Make cuts, but don't remove your personal flavor.
  • Dee recommends blogging with Wordpress software because of its versatility, but warns that it's not the most user-friendly platform. She lists Active Rain and Blogger as simpler—but more limited— alternatives for real estate agents.
  • Need some guidance on formatting your blog and creating your own style? Start following a few blogs and pick out your favorite parts.