Major Opportunity Alert: Buyers Are Reentering the Market

Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writers

In 2021, there were over two million buyers who attempted to purchase a home. However, due to intense bidding wars and all-cash offer situations, many returned to renting. This translates to two million extremely frustrated potential homebuyers in the United States.

You’ve likely worked with one or more of these frustrated buyers. Witnessing potential buyers fall in love with home after home only to repeatedly lose to over-asking cash offers was a heartbreaking process. But, there’s hope.

With the market normalizing and rental rates increasing, it’s time to reconnect, intervene, and educate those once heartbroken potential buyers. While the market may not be flooded with inventory, there’s a great deal more than in 2021 which drastically decreases the chances of multiple offer situations. Buyers actively stand a chance using both FHA and conventional loans without scrambling against 20 other offers. These folks put their home search on the back burner and now it’s up to you to revitalize that search.

However, you need to do more than hope they catch wind of the normalizing market. Reactivate your marketing strategies, but be intentional, informative, and valuable with what you put out into the ether. For instance, when marketing to current renters, avoid the “high-interest rate” debate by explaining the historical increase in rental rates.
Below are a few items you can use:
Buy vs. Rent Postcard
Buy vs. Rent Social Posts
Buy vs. Rent Automated Postcard Campaign

When you do have the opportunity to connect with a potential buyer or seller, be sure to set the proper expectations. A normalizing market doesn’t mean it’s free from obstacles. Buyers may have to adjust their expectations based on what they can afford while sellers may need a reminder homes aren’t flying off the market for $30k over asking any longer.

The takeaway for you is this crowd can be very lucrative if you use the right messaging. It’s an exciting time for many potential buyers as the light at the end of the tunnel appears and they need your help navigating the shift. You have the opportunity to be a hero and get them into a long-awaited home.

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Buy vs. Rent Postcard
Buy vs. Rent Social Posts
Buy vs. Rent Automated Postcard Campaign

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