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ChatGPT Prompting: Know Your Role

Curious about AI and ChatGPT for realtors?. Learn to efficiently use ChatGPT to benefit your real estate business.

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ChatGPT is now arguably the most powerful business tool in the world.

But it’s not some mind-reading robot or something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s simply a language model that processes huge amounts of data to return answers to our prompts.

Unlike some of the other AI tools out there…It’s nothing to be afraid of.

If you learn to use it to its full potential, it can be extremely beneficial.

Hopefully, this guide will help!

First up, prompting.

Prompts are the foundation of all AI tools, including ChatGPT.

How well you can prompt defines the value you get from the output of all AI platforms.

If you don’t know, a prompt is the information you feed into the AI platform to get it to perform what you want it to.

For example…

Here’s me asking ChatGPT to rewrite a listing description to be more personable and engaging.

You can also ask it to rewrite in a certain style, voice, etc.

And, while that’s cool and all, ChatGPT is capable of so much more.

To get better, more detailed answers, you need it to transform into a persona of sorts.

Like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has said: “Know your role!”

Enter “Playing the Role.”

See, every new ChatGPT chat conversation you start is like a conversation with a child. It has little to no context for what you want it to do and how it should go about doing it. You have to teach it in a sense by feeding it detailed prompts.

To clearly illustrate this, let’s ask ChatGPT for some topic ideas for starting a new podcast.

The answer is somewhat helpful and has good ideas, but not exactly relevant to us as a Realtor.

I need to provide more context in order for ChatGPT to give me a relevant and helpful reply.

Let’s try a more detailed prompt and see what happens.

The new prompt gives us a much better output, doesn’t it?

Then we can take it a step further by asking for a good name for our podcast.

Not bad, right? Then, like anything you get as output from these platforms, you just have to do your due diligence and research to make sure whatever you choose isn’t already taken and there are no infringement issues.

Now, let’s see another example where I push ChatGPT to the limit in “real-time” (but in reality, not even close to the limit!)

Some noteworthy points: Much like most of the awesome content on Breakthrough Broker being limited to “Plus” members, ChatGPT 4.0 and the Beta web browsing functionality are only available to OpenAI Plus members. Keep in mind that the more detailed you are in your prompting, the more detailed result ChatGPT will give you. Always, always, always do some due diligence around any content you use that was generated by ChatGPT. It’s a great tool, but it doesn’t know the nuances of our business, especially around verbiage that might get you in hot water with state license laws and even Federal Housing Laws. (Covered in more detail here.)

Hopefully, you can now see the potential this tool has and that in order to harness that potential, you’ve got to get good at putting a decent amount of effort into the input prompts.

The sky’s the limit after that!

Thoughts? Questions? Would love to hear them in the comments below.

For a full deep dive into “the practical applications of AI for real estate,” be sure to check out our on-demand webinar: AI in Real Estate: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

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