Critical Date Checklist with Tasks

This is the Crititcal Date Checklist that has pre-written tasks. There are two download options for this checklist. One is a downloadable PDF that is a fill-able form using Adobe. The other is blank, intended for you to print and hand write the information and dates.

Please note when printed the blue does not show up. Also, the yellow circle will not show up once downloaded.

The yellow circle will not show up once downloaded.

The task are listed as such:

  • Loan Application Deadline Contract
  • Acceptance Deadline/Time Earnest
  • Money Deposit Deadline Inspection
  • Deadline Inspection Resolution
  • Deadline Sellers Property Condition
  • Disclosure Deadline Title Document
  • Delivery Deadline Title
  • Review/Objection Deadline HOA
  • Document Delivery Deadline HOA
  • Document Objection Deadline Appraisal
  • Objection Deadline Appraisal
  • Resolution Deadline Loan Approval
  • Deadline Closing Date Buyers
  • Possession Date Buyers
  • Listing Start Date (for listings)
  • Listing Expiration Date (for
  • Listings) Existing Home Sale
  • Contingency Deadline

**Important disclosure: These are just general terms and task. If these do not apply to your state, you can edit the PDF in Adobe or please use the Critical Date Checklist that does not have pre-written tasks here!