Photo Finish EDDM

Photo Finish EDDM Mailer

So you want more eyeballs on your listing? Maximize your reach and marketing spend when you send this mailer to entire neighborhoods using Every Door Direct Mail service (EDDM). By landing your marketing collateral in each and every mailbox, surely one or two homeowners will be or will know an interested buyer.

This item is available with a custom header option so you can use "Home For Sale" or any other text you would like. Plus, with its unique size of 11" x 6.25", it is sure to stand out from the rest of their mail.

Real estate postcard

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What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mailer (EDDM) is a mailing option the U.S. Postal Service provides. Instead of purchasing a list, farming, or only sending this mailer to your address list, EDDM allows you to drop your mailer in every mailbox the carrier is delivering to within a specific neighborhood.

If you're new to EDDM, please read more here.

Template Overview

This EDDM Home For Sale Mailer is sleek in design, sized at 11" x 6.25", and allows for custom headers, meaning you can market all phases of your listing using the same mailer. It allows for three property photos, a property description, and a features list, along with your personal and company information.

Property Photos

Showcase this property and all it has to offer by using the top three photos on this mailer. Then compliment them with descriptive words to paint a picture of the interior features of the home and buyers will sure to be intrigued to see more with their own eyes!