Expert Interview: Marketing and real estate technology

In this interview we sit down with Stacie Staub, who is a top-producing agent in Denver. Join us as we talk about persistence, technology, and marketing.

Here are some of Stacie's key points:

  • Persistence was crucial as Stacie got her start in the business. "From the get-go, all of my early deals were foreclosures and short sales, and trying to work with really tight financing situations—especially working with first-time home buyers who were having a really hard time qualifying and then finding a house that they would actually like to live in. Persistence was definitely key to me sticking with it at all."
  • Stacie stays organized by going online. Everything she does is cloud-based, such as Gmail, Google and Google Docs.
  • Social media marketing is huge for Stacie. She estimates that 30 percent of her closings in the last year came from interactions on Facebook.
  • Stacie recommends focusing on being an expert in a specific town or neighborhood, rather than casting a wide net and taking on any business that comes your way. Set up a network of fellow agents you can refer business to and who will refer business in return.
  • Stacie embraces syndicated listing websites such as Zillow.com, and said using Zillow contributed to about 30 percent of her transactions last year.