Expert Interview: Marketing that sticks (Part 1)

In this expert interview we meet with Don Hobbs, a partner and V.P. of Business Development with the Southwest Central and Gulf Coast Regions of Nextage Realty.

Don shares some concepts for making your marketing last and explains which important messages should be conveyed.

Here are a few of Don's key points:

  • Make sure you have a quality standard for your marketing. "If we see you in a high-quality fashion, we assume that means you're great. … If you look cheesy, chintzy, slimy, it plays into the role that people think: 'Oh, that's a typical Realtor.'"
  • Find an image that's close to your heart. Being a dog lover sticks with people more than "I'm a top Realtor."
  • Think about building rapport without ever having to have a conversation. "If we like you, want to (do business with you)."
  • "People love to do business with people they know, like, and trust."


A seasoned sales and business executive, Don Hobbs began his seminar career began at the early of 18 when he went to work for internationally renowned businessman and speaker, Jim Rohn, one of the true pioneers of the global personal development movement. In 1986, Don Hobbs left his position as President of Jim Rohn Productions, and co-founded Hobbs/Herder Advertising, an industry interrupter and leader in real estate marketing. He also co-founded Hobbs/Herder Insurance Marketing Systems, Hobbs/Herder Training, JDG Real Estate and Development and has served on boards of several other industry changers like Money Mastery for Life, iSucceed and NewKey Financial. Don stepped out of the Hobbs/Herder companies in 2008 to consult with executive teams of real estate companies across No. America. In 2011, Don dedicated his ideas and talents to the vision of another game changing company, Nextage Realty.

You can contact Don at 949.929.5185 or by sending an email to donh@nextagerealty.com.