Expert Interview: Quick and easy marketing tactics
Chandra Hall gives the details on a few simple hanges you can make to your marketing efforts

In this video we interview national trainer and educator Chandra Hall. Chandra shares a few simple marketing tips that can make a big difference in your business. Check below the video for some details on Chandra's suggestions.

Here are Chandra's key points:

  • Chandra uses Pocket Property Cards to get a seller engaged in the marketing of a listing. Giving a seller 8.5x11 flyers to hand out is cumbersome, but giving them business card-sized handouts is far more effective. "They'll hand them out all day long, because they want to sell their house."
  • Agents should jump in "with both feet" into video marketing. Chandra recommends eyejot.com as a simple solution for emailing videos to clients.