Expert Interview: Video marketing for real estate agents

In this video we interview Chad Cardani of CGR Seminars. Chad, who is a certified trainer and a real estate professional in Austin, Texas, shares his expertise on how real estate professionals can take advantage of video marketing.

Here are Chad's key points:

  • The biggest obstacle for agents to avoid when creating videos is trying to make everything perfect. The people who will be watching your videos aren't expecting Hollywood production values. Focus your efforts on showing that you're knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Check out some of the agent videos that receive good web traffic and you'll find that they're not always perfectly scripted and edited.
  • Chad's preferred video hosting service is YouTube, both because it's free and because of the Search Engine Optimization benefits.
  • Recent NAR research shows that about 85 percent of buyers want to work with agents you use video (virtual tours, etc.), but only about 3 percent of agents are actually taking advantage of the medium. If you're doing any video at all, you're included in the very small group of agents who are separating themselves from the pack.
  • Chad believes every agent should have a video bio on his or her website (for a guide to getting started with a video bio, click here). It's a way for new leads to get to know you without having to talk to you directly.
  • Don't be afraid to use your videos to promote your clients' businesses or the business of professionals you interact with.