Expert Interview: Working with divorcing clients
Patience, listening, and communication are essential

In this video we interview Joan Rogliano, who is the Broker Owner of Rogliano Real Estate Group. Joan is a certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist and has 25 years of experience in working with clients who are going through divorce.

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Here are Joan's key points:

  • Clients going through a divorce are enduring a lot of stress, and one of the most important things you can offer is education. Divorcing couples will often feel that selling their home is absolutely necessary, and that's not always the case.
  • The traits and skills necessary for working with divorcing clients? "A little bit more patience, a little bit more listening, a lot more communication."
  • Joan said specializing in divorce isn't for the feint of heart—particularly when the divorcing couple is going through major conflicts. They may not even be on speaking terms, in which case the agent may have to act as a go-between.
  • Joan has gone through a divorce herself, and says it's an advantage in her field. Clients trust her because of her past experiences. "You get where they are," she said. "You get the level of pain, anxiety, and the confusion. ... It creates an automatic rapport."
  • Be prepared for the client's stress level to rise and fall throughout the process. Always be a good listener.
  • In divorce, selling a home is not an isolated occurrence. There are short- and long-term ramifications to deal with, so you need a team that extends outside the real estate realm. Clients may need legal advice, financial planning advice, an accountant, and other professional advice. Have some trusted professionals in those fields you can call for advice—and refer clients to.
  • A good sense of humor helps. A little humor can diffuse a stressful situation.
  • Most of Joan's business comes from referrals, but she also markets her services by hosting workshops on divorce and real estate. Divorcing clients often have no idea what their options are, and the workshops go a long way toward educating them.

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