Expert Interview: Working with new buyers

In this video we interview Fort Collins Realtor Leslie Leis, who discusses her system of working with new buyer clients. Leslie has worked as a full-time Realtor in Northern Colorado since 2004. In 2007 she was named Realtor of the Year by the Women's Council of Realtors, and in 2010 she was named YPN of the Year by the Fort Collins Board of Realtors.

Here are Leslie's key points:

  • Leslie's best advice for converting a lead into a client is to get the potential client to come in to her office. She wants to have an in-person meeting before she starts showing homes. She uses the meeting to build rapport, educate the buyer, and safeguard against showing homes that the buyer won't qualify for.
  • During that first meeting, Leslie likes to take buyers through a step-by-step "Road Map" of the buying process (you can download the road map by scrolling to the link at the end of this article).
  • Leslie won't begin showing homes to a buyer until they've talked with a lender and examined their credit situation. "I don't want to waste their time and waste my time, and have them emotionally fall in love with a property they can't afford."
  • The value that Leslie likes to sell as an agent is her negotiating abilities.
  • Bringing potential clients into the office for a face-to-face meeting is not only beneficial for converting leads, but also from a safety standpoint.
  • Even when working with an experienced buyer, Leslie still prefers to arrange a meeting in the office, just to make sure there are so surprises that pop up down the road.