Facebook Marketplace Playbook

Facebook Marketplace Playbook

Did you know that Facebook Marketplace shoppers have a higher conversion rate than other lead generation sources? They are also intelligent and wealthy, leaving you with the perfect opportunity to garner business!

Facebook Marketplace shoppers are looking for real estate, so it's time to dig in and find out how to generate leads through these simple steps.

Facebook Marketplace:

-Is affordable
-Has a 1:18 closing ratio
-Has buyer intent

Steps for the Facebook Marketplace Playbook:

  1. Borrow a listing
  2. Run a Marketplace ad
  3. Copy and paste Messenger reply
  4. Rinse & repeat

Some ads will produce zero leads, but that's okay! There will also be ads that produce 10 or more leads the more you rinse and repeat. If you follow the two ads per day for two weeks strategy, you can hit your goal.

About Chris Jones

Chris Jones is Founder of Guerilla Realty, creator of popular tools such as Fizbonanza, ListingCake, and Pipeline Database. Chris is obsessed with lead generation strategies. Every year, he tests dozens of new strategies, distills the best into simple, repeatable formulas (aka "playbooks"), and publishes the results to his private email list. You can contact him directly at chris@guerillarealty.com.


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