Go Where You Are Celebrated

Go with those who celebrate you and your success, rather than those who tolerate you. Meaning, do you have a group of cheerleaders by your side to help you stay motivated and inspired? Here's what you can expect to learn in this quick video by Dr. Bruce Lund:

  • How to start attracting the right people
  • Building deeper relationships and connections with others
  • How to obtain a circle of positive friends, coworkers, and supporters
  • And more!

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Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Merely Tolerated!

Do you go where you are celebrated? What I mean, is do you have a group of people who celebrate your success as if it were their own success? Or do you have a group of people who are lukewarm and merely tolerate you?

I believe right now we are living the most stressful, overwhelming, and emotional times than ever. I think one of the challenges that we have is we try to make so many different people happy. We can't be all things for all people, so go where you're celebrated not merely tolerated. If you try to make everyone else happy you're guaranteed to be unhappy yourself right within the process within sales, especially in sales. Having coached thousands of people over the past decade, I’ve learned that many people in sales give their leftover crumbs (energy) to the people who matter most (their loved ones).

Stop Convincing, Start Attracting

That’s because they pour so much energy into convincing others to merely “tolerate” them and their sales calls every day. We need to learn to go deeper in our relationships vs. wider. Seth Godin made “Tribes” a popular book years ago and it’s a timeless concept.   Hopefully you start out the day re-energized and passionate and you're on purpose. You know why you're doing what you're doing. But the reality is that's not enough because throughout the day you're going to have conversations with people you don't want to have, and people aren't going to do what you want them to do. So every single day that's going to zap your energy zap your energy zap your energy.

That's why you have to fill up your own Cup first, but what tends to happen is throughout the daily process by the end of the day, you've given so much of your good energy and, unfortunately, its to the wrong people.

Have a filter of the exact type of people that you want to allow into your life. Stop chasing all the wrong people, and trying to convince them you're good enough. People either add value to your life every single day or they’re detracting value from your life.

A lot of us need to do a personal autopsy and really get clear about who exactly we want to do business with within the process. Who is our current tribe? What traits do they exhibit? How can we go deeper with them? When’s the last time you called them to say, “I love and appreciate you.”

The Statistics on Deeper Relationships

Did you know that we are 65% more likely to achieve our goals when we share them with others. Salespeople who actively seek out and ask for referrals out-earn those who don’t by up to 10x.

So again, stop giving your leftover crumbs, your leftover good energy to the wrong people. Go where you're celebrated, not merely tolerated. If you try to make everyone else happy you're guaranteed to be unhappy. I know this sounds like a lot of pop-up psychology, but you have to truly adopt this philosophy as a way of life.

I have a timeblock of 10-minutes every day to list my daily intentions to make sure I’m living this philosophy. I have to get my mind ready for what my body’s about to do every, single, day.

I take 30-minute walks daily to call the people who matter most. Self-care = self-worth and confidence. We encourage what we allow in this life. Don’t allow for negative, wasted energy on those who only tolerate you. If you don’t value yourself, then how will others see your value.

Let's have a great day.

About Bruce

Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the world. Dr. Bruce earned a Ph.D. in Human Performance at age 29 and became one of the youngest program directors in the Texas A&M University System. He was then recruited back into corporate America to help grow a multi-million-dollar sales and manager training company as head trainer and VP of Sales.

In 2017, Dr. Bruce moved from Nashville to Denver to launch 90-Day Sales Manager. Since that time, he has helped thousands of brand-new salespeople and mid-level producers become top-producers by adopting his 90-Day Selling System. Members of his community are 5x more likely to reach their sales goals, and 6x more productive in their daily activities.

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