Guide to Buyer's Agent E-book - Lead Page Magnet

Real estate agent, marketer, CEO. Just a few of the titles you deserve as you run your own real estate business. As a marketer, it's essential to stay ahead of the trends and learn how to implement both print and digital marketing campaigns.

A good digital marketing campaign consists of three pieces: a marketing channel, a funnel, and a lead magnet. Ideally, your goal is to gather a lead's contact information so you can place them in a follow-up campaign and continue to drive them down a "sales" funnel.

A lead magnet will be placed on a landing page. The primary purpose of the landing page is to entice your audience to enter their contact information into the lead capture form to "receive the download that they can't live without."

This Guide to Buyer's Agent E-book is the perfect lead magnet on your landing pages. This piece provides an in-depth look at the buyer agent's role in the home buying process. Some consumers are unaware that a buyer agent can provide valuable services far past transaction management, and they can utilize them as a resource at no cost to them.

Download a copy of the Guide to Buyer's Agent E-book in Word below. Then, read the e-book and personalize it by adding your contact information and local statistics. Don't forget to change the theme to match your branding!