Here are some great techniques to elevate your buyer services to the next level. You’ll save time by closing buyers faster, and your clients will love you for being such a pro.

The home sale contingency can be complicated to both structure and present to your buyer or seller. Here's a basic overview of home sale contingency clauses.

You've probably heard this one at the closing table: "Wow, is that your commission? I want your job!" Make sure you get the credit you deserve by taking advantage of these five easy-to-implement tips.

What does "Rapport" mean to you? Here's a great read on how you can create everlasting connections by building a strong rapport with your clients.

Writing a pleasant and vivid home description can be tough. Here's how to make your listing shine simply by the text used to describe it.

Online ratings, reviews, and testimonials—known collectively as social proof—are some of the most important tools in a small business owner’s arsenal. Here's why they are a must for online success!

With the use of these five strategies, you will give your buyers a competitive advantage over other buyers in the market (and solidify a buyer client for life who will sing your praises to their friends and family)!​

Learn from industry experts and Metrix coaches Brian Gubernick, Jason Abrams, and Brett Tanner by viewing their weekly best practice videos located here!

Are leads coming in, the money is piling up, and the amount of work doubling? If so, it may be time to build your first team, and this is your perfect starting point!

You can begin a journey of success when you prove your communication skills are far more advanced than the average agent. Place personal touches like handwritten cards between you potential and current clients for a lasting impression.

Shopping for a home can be an overwhelming and stressful process. Help reduce this for buyers by providing this valuable Open House Comparison Chart at your next open house.

First impressions matter, and when potential clients find our about you, they'll be hunting for information about you and your expertise...

You can stand out during an open house by following these tips, strategies, and methods.

Find the perfect gift to thank your clients for their business!

Explore ten action items to stay top of mind and find more potential clients.

Save time creating thank you notes by using one of these helpful message templates.

Aside from your marketing strategy, every agent needs to cultivate an image to their sphere that expresses confidence and success.

The real estate industry can be stressful but this article gives you strategies to stay on top of your game.

Learn how Rocket Pro Insight℠ can give you a competitive edge over other agents.

Do you ever feel like real estate is running you vs. you running your real estate business? Dan Elzer takes you step by step through each area of the business cycle and shows you critical skills for balancing your business so you can continue to grow and succeed in this helpful video.

Homelight just released a survey of real estate agents across the country to see how the market will look like for the remainder of 2021.

We've mapped out five important steps for making your next open house a great success.

If you want to know how to go the extra mile for your buyer clients, then pay close attention to these five buyer commandments.

As a buyer’s agent, putting together the “best offer” can be challenging. Here's how Rocket Pro℠ Insight can help!

Learn how Rocket Pro Insight's Overnight Underwrite fast turnaround times can help in today's crazy real estate market.

As a real estate agent, there are many ways of communicating with people in your sphere, but recent studies show that storytelling may be the most engaging method for listeners.

Going above and beyond for your clients isn’t just about receiving referrals in the future, it’s also about upholding the value you bring as a real estate agent.

Customer experience can be described as the overall gut feeling the customer has at the end of a transaction but in a fast-paced market this experience can be seriously overlooked.

Summer is a great time to continue to build on the relationships you've made throughout the year and establish new ones. Check out these great ideas to connect with your sphere this season!

A seamless lender relationship may be more important now than it’s ever been before. Read more to learn how Rocket Pro Insight can be the leverage you need in a competitive market!

Sometimes things are just easier when left to a professional. When developing or creating your brokerage’s brand, consider these before taking on the task yourself.

Set your agents up for success with a guide on how to use and not use your brand.

Working with divorced families? Being an impartial and unbiased agent is critical.

How do you sell to a millennial? You don’t. This generation doesn’t want the smoke and mirrors marketing; they just want a home.

With many agents working from home and frequenting the office less often, a disconnect within your company may be growing. Before the divide becomes irreparable, here are some ways to engage with your agents.

Is it time for the talk with sellers? Use these price reduction strategies to help navigate a tricky conversation.

You’ve built your brand and you’re ready to start marketing. Where do you begin?

Technology, marketing, & strategy your real estate business needs!

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