The foundation of any business begins with a sales plan. Build and establish yours in 90 days with this series. Learn how to set goals and actually reach them, define your professional and profitable daily activities, and create a proactive plan. Why 90 days? This plan will take you from cruise control to a strict execution timeline.

Fitting for producers and salespeople of all levels, this series is formatted to accelerate you in your sales career. You will have the ability to develop a highly effective mindset and approach with these 5 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople. This series is broken down into 5 individual videos focusing on a selected habit. In 20 minutes or less, you could walk away with sales tactics to last you a lifetime.

When it comes to building momentum in your real estate business, it’s all about having the proper perspective that will set you up for success and knowing what activities will get you ahead.

Don't let negative thoughts or comparisons get in your way of having a successful business.

If you are wondering how to bring in more business, think about getting out of your comfort zone to add more people to your sphere.

It's important to push yourself to succeed but, equally important to enjoy the ride along the way. In this podcast with Darryl Turner you will learn how to manage your drive for success and enjoy what you have accomplished so far.

A simplified approach to increase income, efficiency, and inner peace.

In this inspirational video Dave Werner, a top-producing agent, broker-owner and trainer, reminds us that real estate agents should be proud of what they do, what they have achieved, and why they should feel ...

Breakthrough Broker and Lab Coat Agents have teamed up with best selling author and international speaker Hal Elrod to bring you insight on how to accomplish your goals by making these changes to your morning routine.

Having a framework for the day allows each one of us to increase our motivation to stay focused...

There are two magic scripts you can use at every open house to facilitate high-quality relationships. See them here!

When you're feeling stressed out or simply unmotivated here are 8 simple pick-me-ups that are sure to get you out of the rut and moving forward again!

Growing a successful business takes work, but when you follow these 5 steps you can build a better path of success and further your career while accomplishing those realistic goals.

I recently had yet another eye-opening experience that reminded me how our profession is often viewed by the general public. It was a seemingly normal night of staring off into space while my children were at t...

Let's face it. For some, real estate just seems to come naturally. And for some it's a bit more like putting a round peg into a square hole. Have you thought about developing a strategy that fits your personali...

In this quick video, Jason explains why he believes the real estate industry is one of the greatest industries to work in and how possibilities for real estate pros are endless.

With out a doubt, at least once in your real estate career a client will get frustrated with you, even if it wasn't your fault. Defuse the situation and come out on top by using these tips and strategies.

Your career and life as a real estate agent will be enhanced after listening and applying the lessons shared in these five TED Talks. Here's to your success!

Being positive is more than just believing I can make something happen. In this article national guest speaker, Darryl Turner shares his thoughts on what it means to be positive, and his mantra he uses to get the "power" within flowing.

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