If a real estate agent has 10 tasks that are 90% complete, they have essentially completed nothing. Beware of the 10 x 90% = 0 Rule!

You can safely say, if you do not develop and maintain consistent referrals in this business, you are going to work a lot harder and make a lot less money. Check out these ideas to keep them rolling in!

Just because business is slow right now doesn't mean it won't pick back up.

Learn to start building meaningful and beneficial relationships with positive influencers by watching this short video from Dr. Bruce Lund.

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Interruptions are part of the daily grind, but here are some ways you can keep everything on track...

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Learn different tools and tactics in understanding the five perspectives of pricing either to a buyer or seller.

What chain will you create for your business (monthly, quarterly, or to close out the year?) Here are 5 ideas for behavior chains you can implement starting today to improve your business!

Here are 10 productivity boosting habits agents can use to get the most out of their day and finally take control of their to-do list.

This is a great to-do list, or as we call it, The Daily Action Plan. As simple as it may seem, this will help you "eat the frog" and complete tasks 100%. This is not an app or an online to-do list, this is a down-and-dirty PDF that you can print and use every day.

Ever have a slow day where you can't think of anything productive to do? Here's a checklist that can inspire a few ideas.

Having a framework for the day allows each one of us to increase our motivation to stay focused...

Drive results and create the greatest momentum by using your own style and technique by following this simple formula...

In this short video Dave Werner explains how a few simple changes to your daily routine could drastically increase your productivity and your quality of life.

Becoming an implementer (in short, getting things done) will be the difference between your business growing stagnate or exponential growth. Read more below...

Habits; good, bad and the ugly--we all have them. Check out this article to learn how you can better your good habits, work on the bad ones and completely transform the ugly ones.