Need a little help with your sale strategy? Here are 10 habits you can adopt to become a better salesperson.

Is your lead to client conversation rate low? Maybe it's all in the way you are delivering your message. Here is a list of sales words that can help you seal more deals!

Objections will occur when working with all types of clients. How you overcome them is the challenge. Practice overcoming objection by using the scripts and ideas shared in this article.

Why you? Knowing the answer to this, and these 5 questions, will help you to establish an undeniable value proposition potential clients will not be able to ignore.

Building a solid sales funnel doesn't have to be complicated. Use these advanced but practical online and offline marketing techniques to funnel leads into your sales pipeline.

Do you ever feel like real estate is running you vs. you running your real estate business? Dan Elzer takes you step by step through each area of the business cycle and shows you critical skills for balancing your business so you can continue to grow and succeed in this helpful video.

There is uncertainty in the marketplace and your team needs a strong leader. Do you have a plan to make sure they can compete and stay on track? Join Dan Elzer, President of The Training Academy, as he takes an honest look at the changing market and our role as leaders. Dan will outline what you can do now that will position your team to not only weather the storm by outpace your competition.

The more conversations you have, the more business is generated. But, as successful professionals run out of opportunities within their sphere of influence, they begin looking elsewhere. The question is, are real estate lead generation companies worth the spend?

The foundation of any business begins with a sales plan. Build and establish yours in 90 days with this series. Learn how to set goals and actually reach them, define your professional and profitable daily activities, and create a proactive plan. Why 90 days? This plan will take you from cruise control to a strict execution timeline.

Fitting for producers and salespeople of all levels, this series is formatted to accelerate you in your sales career. You will have the ability to develop a highly effective mindset and approach with these 5 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople. This series is broken down into 5 individual videos focusing on a selected habit. In 20 minutes or less, you could walk away with sales tactics to last you a lifetime.

Is it time for the talk with sellers? Use these price reduction strategies to help navigate a tricky conversation.

You already have the perfect sales tactic... yourself. Learn how to turn your M.E.S.S. (message, education, struggle, scripting) into your message and create a unique belief proposition.

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