Lead Capture at Open House

If you have open house attendees sign in upon entering and then proceed to think they are now "leads," you've got it all wrong.

In this video, Metrix Coach Jason Abrams shares the script he uses to identify a quality lead, get their information, then effectively turn the prospect into a promising lead before they even leave the open house.

Core concepts include:

  • Why asking an open house attendee to "sign in" is an ineffective way to prospect for leads.
  • A stern, but tactful script you can use to immediately identify real leads versus bypassers.
  • A rapport-building strategy that will secure a promising lead after an open house.

To dive deeper into Jason's open house lead capture, click here.

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Jason Abrams: Jason has been called the “Jerry Maguire of Real Estate” by the New York Times. He has assisted more professional athletes in their relocation than anyone in the U.S. He sold homes on three continents and listed and sold a prominent movie director’s estate in London, a top-rated DJ's Hollywood Hills mansion, and a Fortune 100 CEO’s beach home in the Hamptons...all in the past year! Jason has taken on the role of teacher, guest lecturer, non-profit executive board member, HGTV host of Scoring The Deal, and real estate coach and consultant and is an advocate for reshaping the residential real estate business and communities nationwide.