6 Creative Ways to Get Referrals

New Referral Trend - Cute Pop By Ideas


Never overestimate the value of real estate referrals, which contribute to the growth and overall success of your business. Referrals are king. In order to keep the referral business going, Pop By gifts are a great way to keep long-lasting relationships with previous clients in hopes they will pass along your information.

Staying top of mind isn’t always easy, but we’re here to make it that much easier! Pop By gifts or small inexpensive presents that often come with a clever note is something that can go a long way. Give it to former clients when you literally “pop-by” their house to generate more facetime and referral biz. Listed below are 6 Pop By ideas that will assist with growing your referral book of business.

"Any way you slice it, I am grateful for your referrals."

Purchase a cute decorative pie cutter and hang this tag on the end to ensure a smile for your client.

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"Real Estate is my jam"

Buy local jam or jelly and put it in a mason jar along with this cute tag that says “Real Estate is my jam."

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"Wine not?"

Get referrals when you give your clients a tasty bottle of wine that includes this label on their favorite red or white and you'll win their hearts, no doubt.

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"Thank you for helping my business grow"

A plant or succulent is the perfect gift! Stick this card with it that will allow for the sweetest pun of all.

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"I donut forget my favorite clients"

Is there a local bakery shop your clients love? Place this card on top of the box for the sweetest gesture.

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"You'll always get a sweet deal when you choose me"

Grab anything sweet - your clients' favorite chocolate, candy, pastry..etc and they will be referring you every chance they get!

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