Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas Door Hanger
With a little footwork and the right marketing item, you can generate the buzz your listing needs without spending an arm and a leg. This new listing door hanger is available in a variety of color schemes and is perfect for spreading the word about your new listing. Use the default header "Home For Sale" or customize it with your own.

Getting started

Catch the attention of potential buyers by using this sleek door hanger as a promo piece. In order to create this door hanger, you will need a short property description, the property details, four property photos, your contact and company information, and your headshot and company logo.


This New Listing Door Hanger was designed to highlight the home's features both visually and descriptively. We recommend giving interested buyers insight into all the property has to offer by using photos that best represent the interior and exterior of the home.


Play with your words to come up with a witty, but descriptive, headline and property description for your listing to use on this door hanger. There is also room for a property details list to share info like bedroom count, square footage, year built, etc.

Finishing touches

The final proof will be double-sided and printed in color on 10-point card stock. The door hanger opening at the top will be die cut. Finished size is 3.5" wide by 11" tall.