Listing Management Checklist

Have a successful listing transaction each and every time when you complete the steps in this Listing Management Checklist. From Post-Listing to Post-Closing, this checklist highlights the necessary steps you need to do for all phases of your listing.

There are two checklist options available to download. One is live PDF with check boxes you can check off using Adobe. The other option is a still document you can download and print. This option is best if you would like to update the copy to match your listing to-dos and enjoy good ole' fashion pen and paper. This version is available for download in Word and Pages.

A note from Breakthrough Broker Co-Founder Nathan Froelich, We realize a PDF checklist may seem old school or basic. If you have a online transaction management platform that is great. We've created these because they have been highly requested and they work pretty darn good for agents on the run. Happy selling!

To change the sample logo in the document above, open up the document in Word, right click on the logo and select “Change Picture.” Then choose an image from your computer.