Luxe Listing Brochure
Sharp elements, white space with a purpose, and a soft-toned backdrop come together to make the perfect luxury listing promo material. Use this well-designed Luxe Listing Brochure to get your higher-end listings in front of buyers that have a larger budget.
Real estate luxury listing brochure

Getting Started

Take a deep dive into the highlights of the property by using five outstanding photos and a colorful and informative listing description. Then use the extra space to craft copy that takes buyers on a journey through the property. To create this flyer, you will also need your contact information and a short bio, if preferred.

Property Photos

There are five photo slots available on this brochure. The front photo will be the main focal point, so use your best image in this slot, such as a shot of the home's exterior. Use the remaining slots for supplementary photos, such as images of the sleek kitchen, vast wine cellar, exquisite dining room, and more.


On this brochure, there are three large slots for custom text. Use one section to describe the property's features and another to describe the location, neighborhood, nearby amenities, school districts, etc. Finally, use the section under your branding to describe why you're the go-to luxury listing agent.

Finished Item

Your flyer will be printed on 100 lb. paper, heavier than normal stock paper. You can also print the flyer at home on standard printer paper, but heavier, glossy paper stock can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of the flyer.