News & Views Newsletter Template

News & Views Newsletter Template
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Before you get started

The News & Views newsletter can take 30 minutes or more to create so it's best to have all your content ready at the start. Do not navigate away from the creation form, or else you risk losing your work. You can save your newsletter at anytime by checking out even if your not done. This will email you a link for editing.

Template overview

The News & Views template has four content sections. The first three sections are best for news stories, as they also include options to add subheadings, photos, and photo captions. The fourth content section is best used as an "About Me" or "About My Business" section, but it can also be used for another story.

The template preview updates as you fill out the form, so you can see exactly how your newsletter looks in real time.

Writing your stories

The template is designed to fit all your copy within each section, regardless of how many words you type. Once a section is filled with text, the font size will scale down to fit more copy.

If you'd rather not write your own stories, you can copy and paste the text-only stories from BreakthroughBroker.com's current newsletters or copy and paste the text-only stories from our newsletter archive. You can also use one of our pre-formatted newsletter templates, rather than this fully customizable template.


The photo slots in this template have fixed proportions, so use the crop tool after uploading each photo to ensure that it displays properly. You'll be able to choose the size of the photo crop box, but the height and width will be set at a fixed ratio.

You can purchase photos for your newsletter from stock image sites, such as iStockPhoto.com or shutterstock.com.

Download and delivery options

After you've completed your newsletter, click the "Continue to Delivery/Download options" button. After confirming your proof, you can choose to either download a free PDF of your newsletter or purchase prints for shipping or mailing lists.

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