Classic Series Open House Flyer

Open House Flyer
This Open House Flyer makes for the perfect invite to the event. Modern in design, your clients will appreciate your level of professionalism when using this as a marketing piece.

Getting started

To complete this Open House Flyer you will need a property description, two property photos, and the open house event details. You will also want to have information about the surrounding community and a photo representing it.


This brochure is a multi-purpose marketing piece. Therefore, you can advertise the property by using two property photos. Also, this brochure allows for a headshot along with a photo of the community you are representing.


There are three areas for descriptions. For best practices use one to describe the property, the other to write about the community and the last to highlight your skills as a real estate professional.

Finishing touches

This flyer will have a satin finish and will be printed on standard 8.5" x 11" paper.