Open House Feedback Form

Open House Feedback Form
The pros of hosting an open house are much greater than simply generating buzz about your listing. Make the most of your events by using helpful documents, like the Open House Feedback Form , to impress your sellers, connect with potential buyers, and show your overall value as the preferred local real estate agent.

As best practice, use this feedback as a starting point for conversations with potential buyer leads. If the buyer isn't working with an agent, connect with the open house visitor after the event and go over the feedback they left. If this house wasn't right for them, let them know you have some properties in mind that meet their needs and you'd be happy to show them if you do. Or let them know that you'd love to set them up with automated emails that contain listings that match their criteria.
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In conjunction with this document, use the Customizable Open House Sign-In Sheets, the Home Buyer Road Map, 6 Reasons to Own a Home infographic, and Offer Packet Cover Sheet at your open house to provide an extra "wow" factor.