Open House Guest Registers

Open House Guest Register
Catch attention the moment event attendees walk through the door with this sleek Open House Guest Register. Upload an eye-catching property photo, contact details, company info, and agent branding. Additionally, this form offers endless color options so it can match your brand perfectly.

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It can often be a challenge to get people to sign in, so here are suggestions that can help reel in the crowd:

  1. Offer a raffle to win some swag
  2. Partner with a local coffee or ice cream shop to get a few coupons to pass out to those who register
  3. Make a few small gift baggies with pens, candy, and sticky notes to give away to people who sign in

***Don't forget the pen and clipboard!***

Getting Started

Create this document in minutes! Just add your contact details, company info, and agent branding. Once customized, print a few copies for your event.

Pro tip! Create an offer packet for your open house by printing comparables, disclosures, and other important documents. Then create a cover sheet that matches your open house sign-in sheet. Leave the offer packet at the sign-in station so interested buyers can take the information as they sign in.