Session 1 / Part I: Dominant Sales Focus

Part I: Dominant Sales Focus // Access Part II

I don’t believe in setting “goals.” We all start out with good intentions when it comes to achieving something new. But when it comes to goals we lower them and lower them until they don’t resemble anything we set out to achieve.

The first exercise I want you to work on is setting a dominant sales focus number for the first quarter. This should be a tangible number as measured monthly. I believe everyone competes harder when there’s a scoreboard. Having a dominant sales focus that you revisit weekly will create a sense of urgency. The tangible number could be by volume or number of transactions.

  • What’s your “yearly” DREAM production number (think big)? ______
  • Divide yearly number into 1/4 for your 90-day dominant focus. ______
  • Divide your yearly number by 1/12 for your monthly focus. _______

Tip: If you are brand-new in the business then sit down with your mentor and study your market for first year agents. Be aggressive.

For additional workbook PDFs, videos, and information on the above click HERE. Or, access Part II.

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