Session 1 / Part II: Weekly Benchmarks tied to a Selling System

Part II: Weekly Benchmarks tied to a Selling System // Go back to Part I or access Part III

Setting a number is the easy part. Putting a systematic plan into place to achieve that number is the challenging part. Let us walk you through our lead generation selling system that’s helped top producing agents all over the country consistently increase business.

There are 3-components of our selling system:

  1. High-Value Activity (HVAs) = MINDSET (what’s the highest use of my time to generate business)
  2. Income-Producing Activity (IPAs) = SALES (5-daily activities that ASK for the business)
  3. Person of Influence Activity (POIs) = MARKETING (Attracting more business through leverage)

1. High-Value Activity

An HVA is simply a mindset. When you’re driving down the road are you listening to the radio or are you making phone calls? When you’re sitting at the office are you numbingly scrolling through Facebook or are you targeting suspects and prospects. There’s no such thing as TIME management only ME management. We all get the same amount of time in the day. Those who dominant know how to leverage and maximize their time. Constantly ask yourself, “What’s the highest use of my time right now to generate a customer?”

2. Income-Producing Activity

Primary: There is five Primary selling system ASKS you should make every single day:

  • Help List = ASK for the meeting with new leads whom you haven’t talked to yet.
  • Fight Club = ASK for the close with prospects you converted into your follow-up system.
  • Advocates = ASK five of your Top-25 biggest fans each week for new leads or connector meetings.
  • New Client = ASK for referrals from the buyers/sellers you have closed over the past 90-days (people just like them).
  • Promoters = ASK your past clients (past 90-days) if they have anyone they’ve since you last met that fit your filter of someone (just like them) that you’d like to meet.

3. Income-Producing Activity

Secondary: The real magic to growing, scaling, and attracting more business is through Person of Influence activities. Most real estate agents struggle with lead generation and prospecting because they simply aren’t meeting enough people or doing enough outside activities. We are big believers in attracting business by becoming a person of interest in your markets as community leaders/influencers.

  • Connector = Influencers in your market you don’t directly know but want to know. Then ask someone in your database to connect you with them.
  • Climber = Young hustlers who are on their way up the ladder of success quickly. Climbers have the most earning potential than anyone (get ALL their deals).
  • Someday People = These are people who were in your fight club but did not make a buying decision within 90-days but still fit your filter of someone you want to do business with. They are going to buy “someday” so why not you?
  • NEXTPERT = An ultra-successful entrepreneur or influencer in your market that you want to spend time with and learn from in a non-salesperson.
  • Showcase = Outside sales activities that are either networking events, speaking events, or advocate events you host.
  • Marketing = Growing your brand through online or traditional marketing to get more attention for you and your business. These should include 1 database blast with content you’ve created each week.

Weekly Sales Activity Benchmarks:

  • Help List = 10 new leads per week
  • Fight Club = 15 prospect follow-ups per week
  • Advocates = 5 conversations per week
  • Promoters = 5 conversations per week
  • New Clients = 5 conversations per week
  • Connectors = 3 meetings per week
  • Climbers = 1 meeting per week
  • Someday people = 5 per week
  • NEXTPERT = 1 per week
  • Showcase = 3 per week
  • Marketing = 15 per week

Exercise: What’s the HIGHEST use of your time to generate a new customer? How much of your time are you spending on that activity each week? Set a weekly benchmark for the “minimum” amount of times you should be doing that activity.

For additional workbook PDFs, videos, and information on the above click HERE. Or, access Part I or Part III.

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