Session 1 / Part III: Amateur vs. Professional Accountability

Part III: Amateur vs. Professional Accountability // Go back to Part II or go to Session 2

What got you here won’t get us there. We all have “amateur” activities/behaviors we need to cut from our daily lives. Over the next 12-weeks together we will focus on getting you to 80 percent. We believe in progress over perfection. If you can do the daily sales activities highlighted in your weekly benchmarks then over the course of 90-days you will develop habits that you can carry with you into the next 90-day quarter.

Professional accountability =

  • 90 - minutes of prospecting blocked off on your calendar every single day
  • Morning routines that get your mind ready for what your body is about to do today
  • Planning on Sunday for 20-minutes for the upcoming week (Focused on HVAs)
  • Planning at night for the next day (early morning wins)
  • Get some type of exercise done in the morning first thing

Exercise: What amateur activities do you need to cut down on in your routines?

Exercise: What professional routines do you currently have?

For additional workbook PDFs, videos, and information on the above click HERE. Or, go back to Part II or go to Session 2.

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